Many schools in Ireland deserve better school websites

Many schools in Ireland don't have their own school websites. Some of the existing school websites tend to provide an uncomfortable user experience.
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Perhaps, I should start this post by saying that a number of schools in Ireland don’t have their own school websites at all. I’m a member of the Board of Management in Scoil Mhuire Navan, Co. Meath since September 2015. I know how important role plays a school website in schools’, pupils’ and parents’ life.

Since we redesigned the Scoil Mhuire Navan’s website, the school staff, parents and children visit the site much more often than ever before. They also look forward to reading any new pieces of news and enjoy viewing new photos in the school gallery. When there is an upcoming event, it is not possible to be missed as it’s prominently marked in the school calendar. Since the website is responsive, anyone can check what’s happening in the school on the go using their smartphones and, believe me, they do.

As you can see, schools and their communities can largely benefit from well-designed websites. Currently, we are in the process of redesigning the Scoil Naomh Eoin’s (Navan, Co. Meath) website and we can’t wait to launch it and make everyone happy!

A lot of schools do have school websites, which is great, but…

Many of them are visually or/and functionally defective. On many school websites, the first thing that literally hurts an eye is the misuse of contrasting, flashy colours throughout the site. This should be avoided as much as possible because it’s not easy on the eyes. They will quickly get tired making the user experience unpleasant and uncomfortable which might lower the likelihood of people coming back to visit the website again.

A significant number of school websites are not responsive which means they don’t visually respond to mobile devices. It’s commonly known that people are more likely to browse a website on their smartphones/tablets if it doesn’t have to be resized with fingers and swiped across to be read in full.

Not only does a responsive website provide a pleasant and super easy user experience, but it also makes Google happy, who rewards such website by ranking it higher in the search results.

We are here for every school in Ireland

We can help schools across Ireland with redesigning their existing school websites or designing brand new ones. User experience is super important.

If you are a School Principal or a member of a school community (teacher, parent, a member of the Board of Management, etc.) and you wish your school’s online presence became better, simply get in touch with us and feel free to share this post with other school communities.

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