Here's what we do

We offer a range of services those required by your professional online presence. Adapting to your needs and providing useful advice result in delivering bespoke responsive websites that will be loved by everyone, including Google!

Website Design

We design and develop for the web. Whether you are an individual, run a small business or an organisation, you have come to the right place. Our passion for web design and development along with our clients' input have always delivered excellent results.

E-commerce Website Design

Looking to sell your products online? Want to grow your membership/subscription-based business? Or need a website with a booking system? We can do it all.

Responsive Design

With today's technology and the fact that over 50% (and counting) of the internet users choose mobile devices over desktops, a responsive website is simply a must. Here, at Mutually, we are committed to crafting websites that are fully responsive. That means your website will easily and beautifully adapt to all internet enabled devices providing a way better user experience.

Search Engine Optimisation

OK, responsive design is strongly recommended and it's... just cool. But you still might ask yourself a question. How the heck am I supposed to be found on the web? Don't worry, our efficient SEO strategies will get your website highly ranked on all major Search Engine Results Pages such as Google, Bing and Yahoo!

Website Care Services

Like any other piece of software, your website needs to be regularly updated in order to remain secure and fully functional at all times. Therefore, by any means, do not leave your website unsupported. After your project goes live we will take a good care of it meaning you can enjoy the peace of mind and stay focused on what you do best - your business!

Here is an overview of what we can do for your website after it goes live:

  • Regular security and non-security updates to your website's software.
  • Regular backups of the entire website (code, files & database).
  • Restore from a backup if ever necessary.
  • Ongoing SEO services - essentials.
  • Website content updates (if you are too busy).

We help all our clients obtain a domain name (or transfer an existing one) and arrange a website hosting plan. Among many website hosting providers within the market, we have chosen Hosting Ireland. Why? Because of the super reliable servers they own as well as their excellence in customer service.

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