Website Grant Ireland

Website Grant Ireland, better known as Trading Online Voucher (TOV) Scheme is available for small businesses throughout Ireland. The programme is in place to encourage businesses to trade online with up to €2,500 co-funding (inclusive of VAT).

Trading Online Voucher Scheme Ireland

The scheme is run by the Local Enterprise Office (LEO) and is available to all eligible small businesses in Ireland. The main idea of the programme is to encourage existing businesses to start trading online. Not only can participants avail of generous financial assistance but they can also benefit from valuable training and impartial advice from the LEO.

So, if you are planning to start selling your products or services online or wish to add an e-commerce facility to your existing website, you are very likely to get approved for the grant. Please see below for eligible business profiles, rates and how to apply.

Eligibility Criteria


Limited or no e-commerce facility.


Maximum 9 employees.


Annual turnover not exceeding €2m.


Must be in business for at least 6 months.


Business must be located within the same county as the LEO.

Grant Rates

Successful business applicants will avail of financial assistance of either €2,500 or 50% funding towards the website design cost, whichever is lesser.

Example 1: John spends a total of €1,500 on adding an e-commerce facility to his current website. In this scenario, he can claim a €750 grant which is equal to 50% of the expense.

Example 2: Sharon gets a complex online store built at a cost of €6,900. In this case, Sharon can receive the maximum available grant of €2,500 because it’s less than 50% of the expense.

Please note: The figures shown in the above examples are for illustrative purposes only. For a free and no-obligation quote, please contact us here.

How to Apply

To apply for the Trading Online Voucher, click on this link first and follow the instructions below:


Type in your county, in the “Search For your Local Enterprise Office” section.


Next, choose your option from the dropdown list and click on the “Find” button.


Then, click on the link with a green background, underneath the “Results…” message and your Local Enterprise Office page will open.


Finally, hover over the “Financial Supports” tab and click on the “Trading Online Voucher” option. On that page, you will find information on the application process.

One last thing. You are going to need 3 quotes from 3 different providers. So, make sure to grab one from us!

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