Well-known websites that use Drupal

Did you know Drupal is very well optimised for enterprise and government? Also, at least 2.2% of all websites and nearly 5% of CMS based sites use Drupal.
Websites that use Drupal

In August 1991, starting only with one website, the World Wide Web kept growing incredibly fast, month by month, year by year. Today, there is an astonishing number of over 1 billion websites on the web, half of which use CMS (Content Management System). Drupal takes third place in respect of global CMS usage, just after Joomla and WordPress. Statistics reveal that at least 2.2% of all websites and almost 5% of CMS based sites run on Drupal. It’s worthwhile to mention that Drupal is optimised for enterprise and government.

World-famous websites built with Drupal

Big brands and organisations, education sector and federal governments that you might have never known use Drupal for their online presence. Check them out below!

Examples of important Irish websites that use Drupal

Ireland also has its own Drupal development portfolio, maybe not that large but quite serious. More interestingly, local government websites in Ireland are being ported over to Drupal. Take a look below.

Drupal is the leading web development platform in terms of security and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). As you can see, Drupal has been used by many important entities within education sector, government and is still being picked by many brands, SMEs and organisations that have chosen stability and security.

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